Relations of Tajikistan with Belarus

01.03.2013 10:10

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Tajikistan and the Republic of Belarus were established on September 5, 1996 by the exchange of the notes.

The Embassy of the Republic of Tajikistan functions in the capital of the Republic of Belarus, Minsk since 1997 and the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus operates in Dushanbe since 2011.

At the present stage, Tajik-Belarusian relations are characterized by a high level of development both on a bilateral and multilateral basis.

The permanent political dialogue at the highest level was established in the bilateral relations, thus fostering the dynamic development and expansion of our relations.

The meetings of the heads of states became almost regular in the framework of activities of the regional and international organizations, which generally define the general objectives of strengthening security and stability in the CIS, promote the integration processes in the region. Our countries constructively cooperate in a regional format, in the framework of the CIS, SCO, CICA, EurAsEC, CSTO, as well as globally, within the framework of the UN and the OSCE.

Taking into account the proximity of our positions on many international issues Tajikistan and Belarus support each other's initiatives in the framework of international and regional organizations.

The main directions of cooperation in various spheres were concretized during the first official visit of the President of Republic of Belarus A.Lukashenko to the Republic of Tajikistan in April 2000.

The legal basis of bilateral Tajik-Belarusian relations was subsequently expanded by the official visit of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon to the Republic of Belarus in June 2001. The documents signed during the visit, mainly focused the trade-economic and humanitarian cooperation between the states.

The meeting between the leaders in the framework of EurAsEC and CSTO`s summit which was held in Minsk, November 26, 2009 is seen as a new trend in the development and strengthening of the bilateral relations and the definition of countries future strategic plans.

The agreements on opening of a joint venture on repair of the Belarusian equipment («BelAZ», «MAZ»), purchased by Tajikistan were reached, as well as its service center.

According to the agreement the construction of «MTZ» tractors installation will be carried out in the Khatlon region. The organization of such ventures in the Republic of Tajikistan will provide additional job vacancies for the local population and will contribute to the development of trade and economic cooperation with foreign countries and increase the export potential of the country.

An official visit of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko to the Republic of Tajikistan on October 28, 2011 was a significant event in bilateral relations. The issues, related to the expansion of trade, economic, scientific, technological, military, technological and cultural cooperation were discussed during the meeting. As the result of the meeting, a set of important documents, as well as agreements and contracts in such paramount areas of cooperation as economy, science, culture, sports, education and migration, were signed.

Upon the request of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan, the plant for the production of tractors “MTZ” will now be built in Khatlon region (FEZ).

The organization of the assembly of tractors in the Republic of Tajikistan will provide additional jobs for local population and will contribute to the development of trade and economic cooperation with foreign countries and increase of the export capacity of the country. About 270 tractors were delivered to Tajikistan from Minsk Tractor Plant.

The parameters of economic cooperation between Tajikistan and Belarus have a tendency of gradual expansion and are mainly determined by the work of the Tajik-Belarusian Intergovernmental Commission on Trade and Economic Cooperation established in 1999 and the documents approved by two countries on various aspects of trade and economic cooperation.

During the meetings, the Commission discussed the issues of cooperation in the sphere of agriculture, energy, supply of engineering technology, joint ventures on producing tractors.

Trade and economic relations are focused on the need of organizing direct supply of raw materials, products and consumer goods, as well as the development of relations between the regional and economic entities of the two countries. In this light, it is needed to pay attention to the development of goods-producing networks of the two countries through creation of joint ventures and other forms of cooperation.

The import of Belarusian goods includes the import of heavy construction and mining equipment, textiles and furniture, electrical equipment and appliances, wood and its products, breeding stock, inorganic chemicals, pharmaceuticals.

The main items of export to Belarus include cotton, wool, dry fruits, aluminum, oil seeds and fruit.

Work on supplying Tajikistan with the production of enterprises “BelAZ”, “MAZ”, “MTZ” and promotion of this production in other markets of Central Asia is underway. Over the past year, about 1000 of heavy-load construction and mining machinery was provided by Belarus for Tajikistan.

As part of the exchange of experience between the enterprises of our countries, the work in the field of cultivation and breeding of the cattle is carried out. The contracts between business entities on joint production and supply of high quality seeds were signed as well.

Interregional cooperation between the regions and free economic zones of both countries is intensively developing. An agreement on comprehensive cooperation between Sughd and Vitebsk and between Minsk and Khatlon regions, as well as between Javan district and Uzda district of the Minsk region of Belarus were signed.

The cooperation between the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Tajikistan and the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Belarus is actively continuing. A business elite of Mogilev region, including the representatives of JSC “Mogilevski myasokombinat”, JSC “Bobruiski mashinostroitelni zavod”, JSP “Belshina” and JDLC “Tehnoteks”. During this visit, the sides discussed prospects of cooperation in the field of supplying sausages, semi-finished products, tires, sanitation supplies, paperboard and secondary paperboard products, confectionery to Tajikistan.

The Tajik-Belarusian Business Council was established in 2011. Cross-cultural ties, as well as cooperation in the field of education, science and healthcare develop fruitfully. The department of Belarusian National Technical University started its functioning on the basis of the Tajik Technical University named after M. Osimi in September, 2012.A number of tajik students study in the higher educational facitilites of Belarus.

The works of Tajik poets and writers were translated to the Belarusian language and published. The Belarusian-Tajik Friendship Society, established in March 2012, fruitfully started its work. It established contacts with the Tajik-Belarusian Friendship Society, which was created in Tajikistan in 2006.The inter-parliamentary relations actively develop; a working group for cooperation was established. Art and scientific intelligentsia of the countries actively participate in international cultural events, educational forums, exhibitions of books held in the territories of Tajikistan and Belarus.

In general, the current state of the Tajik-Belarus relations has a tendency of phased expansion. The process of practical implementation of the mutual desire of our two countries to work more closely in multi-dimensional cooperation in accordance with the potential and needs of the people can be seen in bilateral relations.